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Are You Really Aware of The Risks That You Face?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you someone who puts themselves in harms way?
  • When was the last time you had a near miss?
  • Are you an adventurous personality visiting the great outdoors?
  • Are you into adventure tourism?
  • Do you take part in expeditions?
  • Do you take part in adventure races?
  • Are you an avid tourist?
  • Are you a traveller who visits emerging markets?
  • Are you a traveller visiting third world countries, possibly post conflict, NGO?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions then you should at least be aware that you are not immune from danger, difficulties and survival situations occurring.

We Train People Who Just Like You NEED Training for These Risks and More…

Survival (Survive Evade Resist Extract (SERE)) situations are either:

Benign (A
Permissive environment) such as a friendly country or even your home country (Lost in Snowdonia).


Hostile (A
Non-permissive environment) such as countries in post conflict or lawless states and where social interaction causes tension or hostilities, possibly nationalistic behaviour (Visiting Turkey post failed coup 2016).

Accordingly the programme of SERE courses we provide covers both areas of Permissive and Non-Permissive environments and the skill sets required to deal with probable SERE situations.

Survival Situations Happen All The Time, Just Open a Paper or Watch the News!

Those survival examples we hear about have usually become a drama because of simple mistakes, poor choices or failures to spot the situation beginning to spiral out of control (The error chain).

Are you planning on a gap year excursion or studying abroad as part of your degree? Have you considered what could go wrong or are you simply blinded by the great opportunity which has presented itself?

History has demonstrated that those people who are best prepared with training and well equipped, both mentally as well as physically, have by far the best chances of survival.

However, we all enjoy hearing the tales of danger and near-death experiences from survival situations; caused through poor planning, preparation or a lack of proper training.

Our Training Standards Outlined

We base our training levels on the internationally recognised NATO standards of SERE training. Survival and especially SERE Training have been conventionally graded as levels A through C (outlined below). Although these levels of training are a NATO standardisation, there isn't strictly a direct civilian equivalent. We have tried to align our courses to the nearest NATO equivalent level for parity and to give you an indication of the depth of knowledge and experience you will achieve and acquire.

Level A
- Theoretical training, scenario based, Computer Based Training or a DVD. This is the standard that all UK service personnel receive on the subject of SERE, annually and lasting around an hour.

Level B - Theoretical training with applied practical skills that support planning and preparation as well as actions to take in the event of difficulties or survival situations happening.

Level C - Theoretical training with in-depth practical skills, which are both tested fully through scenario based training with a high degree of realism (Normally very specialist courses and provided ONLY to those with the direct need). Unless you have a demonstrable requirement for this level of training along with a big budget you will be unlikely to secure this training (If you find companies offering off-the-shelf Level C SERE training to the general public you can be pretty sure it isn't really SERE Level C).

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This student’s supposed day trip in Turkey turned out to be an eight day; much more taxing excursion.

"We are extremely hungry and exhausted" Mr David Mackie Jan 2015

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Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

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