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Our Focus is Excellence in SERE Training

At Urban SERE we have a strong pedigree for delivering expertise; innovative answers to specialist training requirements.

Urban SERE was born from a requirement to fill a skill void of survivability in the hostile environments around the world including the cities and other urbanised areas where dangers may be overlooked (See our history for more information).

We have a select group of instructors with very specialised skill-sets which compliment each other. For this reason we are able to offer very specialised courses with a linked-up approach so our training is a journey of discovery and not just a destination. Once you come and train with us we are confident you will want to return to attend other courses. Increasing your knowledge, skills and the opportunities to utilise them will help hone your abilities.

"Don't practice till you get it right - Practice till you can't get it wrong!" Anon

Not all Survival Training is the same…

Not all Survival Training is living in the woods. Although we do that very well too. In fact, Conrad was the Chief Instructor at Trueways Survival for 5 years before departing in May 2016 to focus more on extreme survival and HERST (Hostile Environments Resilience & Survivability Training).

"I have attended several of Conrad's Urban-Sere courses and find them to be virtually unmatched in not only calibre of expertise but in his depth of knowledge…" Mr J Teeple - Boeing Military Aircraft CV-22 Development

During his tenure as the Trueways Chief instructor he brought their courses up to date and that same dedication is now firmly grounded in all that Urban-SERE delivers. You may be surprised to know that since 2008 Urban-SERE courses have been advertised only by word of mouth and delivered to a select group. However, in keeping with our ethos that survivability should not be elitist, we have now opened our programme of courses to the public.

We have specialist instructors with years of experience. Read their background on the Instructors' pages and follow the links to their Linkedin profiles.

Traditional survival skills are focused on staying alive and getting rescued when the situation has changed, such as in mountaineering or adventure tourism, where isolation or accident may require assistance to be called. Both of those training elements focus on equipping individuals to deal with the immediate danger, make reasoned choices and to overcome the paralysis of fear.

However they fail to address any resilience component. How do you continue to function or more importantly recover services when assistance is not on hand?

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We have been involved in many training events and supported many expeditions with safety cover and pre-event training.

Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

PEST (Personal Emergency Safety & Travel) Doc


Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire


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