Conrad Allen

Conrad has a no nonsense approach to just about everything with over 21 years of serious military survival experience ranging from 5 years with RAF Mountain Rescue to Psychological Operations in Sarajevo and a whole array in between.

With roles at the
Defence Survive Evade Resist Extract (SERE) Training Organisation at RAF St Mawgan, where as a SERE Officer he was responsible for survival training course design, methodology and instruction implementation, including training military survival instructors in various skills.

In addition to instructing in all environments survival training, Conrad was the officer responsible for shaping current (2007) UK military escape training, and continues to provide services at the highest level in Escape, Evasion, and
Personnel Recovery spheres. A respected industry expert, invited to attend numerous international conferences and developmental forums in the field.

He subcontracted Urban SERE Services to
Trueways Survival for 8 years being their Chief Instructor for the last 5 years and turning round an out of date survival methodology and bringing all of their courses up to date. He left Trueways in 2016 to focus full time on Urban SERE and its specialised suite of courses.

"…Conrad’s ability to find innovative training solutions has been immensely valuable to the development of the Trueways Survival training progression system. Trueways continues to utilise Conrad’s skills and managerial abilities because he is results focussed and delivers the very best survival training available." Mr L Docherty - Owner Trueways Survival 2006-2016

Ground Breaking Research

He initiated the UK military interest in Urban Evasion and conducted a major MoD study into urban isolation, evasion and risk reduction along with development of future Joint Personnel Recovery. He continues to develop this area with Urban-SERE Ltd.

He has made contributions to both
NATO doctrine and UK SERE training policy. His continued research in all SERE matters keeps Urban SERE ahead of the field.

Conrad is able to develop bespoke training for all situations, environments and most budgets. Customer satisfaction and Urban SERE credibility is paramount in his attitude.

With a wealth of training, experience and practical skills application in a broad spectrum of survival training and related areas of expertise, Conrad brings fresh knowledge and skills to the Training, ensuring that up to date military and civilian survival skills can refine the considerable experience of our team members, keeping ahead of the field in providing survival training relevant to all - beginners, professionals, military or civilian.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Royal Marines Commando and All Arms Combat Survival Instructor
  • UK military sole SERE researcher into Urban Evasion
  • Urban Evasion subject matter expert
  • Escape Training subject matter expert
  • Shaping UK SERE Escape Training
  • Research and development for future Joint Personnel Recovery
  • SERE Course Design Officer
  • SERE Officer and Survival Instructor
  • Conducting Sea and Land survival training, basic to advanced level
  • Fast jet/Rotary/Multi engine - conversion to aircraft type courses including all associated survival equipment
  • SERE Winter
  • SERE Norway
  • SERE Officer’s Course
  • Ability to directly control searches and rescues in all conditions
  • Party Leader directly responsible for control of troops on mountains
  • RAF Short Survival Course
  • RAF Mountain Rescue Party Leader
  • RAF Mountain Rescue Rock Climbing Instructor
  • Range Management Qualification
  • Joint Services Rock Climbing Leader
  • Short University Course ‘Terrorism: Causes, Trends and Responses’
  • Paramedic standard medical training
  • 5 years RAF Mountain Rescue Service
  • British Parachute Association Category System Instructor (static line)
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - Level 4 Health and Safety
  • Security Officer - Individual Staff Studies Course
  • Junior Officers’ Command Course
  • PTTLS (Preparing To Teach Lifelong Sector) Teaching Qualification
  • First Aid at Work

My Image
"Conrad's encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject matter is incredible"

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