Donna has been a qualified medical doctor for more than twenty years. After a variety of jobs in both medical and surgical specialties she decided on a career in General Practice. She is a strong advocate of the benefits of physical activity in both health and disease and went on to gain a Masters Degree from the University of Nottingham in Sports and Exercise Medicine. She has a special interest in all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine and uses this as an excuse to try out every sport she can to understand mechanisms of injury and how to rehabilitate such injuries (do not mistake this for her being any good at sport but she can't be faulted for her enthusiasm!).

She is no stranger to arctic conditions and extreme cold having completed several months of her medical training in Newfoundland. There she discovered how to avoid bear attacks and road traffic collisions with moose and that sometimes a dog sleigh team was the only way to get to a casualty. During this time she also encountered a white out first hand and had to be dug out of her snow-in accommodation on more than one occasion.

In order to bridge the cultural divide presented to her by the local population involved her having to develop rapport with Inuits to facilitate them accessing 'western' medical care. She has dealt with multiple cases of snow blindness, frost bite and ski-doo accidents. Even on the occasions when medicine cannot win there were still difficulties to addressed in death as the permafrost caused problems for burials and the ground required thawing to be dug.

As well as being a keen cyclist she has cycle-toured in France, Sicily and Sardinia as well as completing the UK Coast to Coast. She has also learned to downhill ski, rock climb - both sport routes indoors as well as Trad route outdoors and she recently took part in the 50th Anniversary OMM teaming up with Conrad and although she found the hard ascent less than enjoyable, she acquitted herself well.

"I think Dr Hutchinson is an extremely good doctor with excellent clinical skills, great communication skills and a deep compassion and understanding for her patients. Not only is she extremely clever and knowledgeable but has the deepest compassion and is loved by her colleagues and patients alike." A fellow doctor colleague from the same practice.

General Practice

Donna qualified with her medical degree from Leicester University Medical School in 1996 and following a number of different medical and surgical rotations settled into General Practice. She is now one of the senior partners at a large Practice in Grantham serving a population of over 15,000 patients.

Donna has provided medical support and advice to Arctic expeditions, Ski expeditions as well s conducting travel clinics for those less adventurous but still travelling the world.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Medical Doctor MbChB with experience in General Practice, Paediatrics, Immunology, Renal Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Palliative Medicine, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases (inc HIV)
  • Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Child Health
  • Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Diploma in Faculty of Family Planning
  • Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice Certificate of Prescribed Experience
  • Safeguarding Lead
  • Care Quality Commission Registered Manager
  • Krav Maga Practitioner
  • Rock Climber
  • Skier
  • Ice Climber
  • Mountain Biker

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Donna Ice Climbing Facial
Donna Ice Climbing Full Body
Donna Dipping Checkpoint AZ OMM
"Cannot fault - excellent, care, manner & advice etc" Patient survey quote

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