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Our Pedigree

At Urban SERE we have a strong pedigree for delivering with expertise; innovative answers to specialist training requirements. Just take a look at some of our clients. Urban SERE was born from a requirement to fill a skill void of survivability in the hostile environments around the world including the cities and other urbanised areas where dangers may be overlooked, read more about our history here (See our courses for more information).

"The more you know the less you [have to] carry…" Mors Kochanaski - Canadian Survivalist

Our Ethos

At Urban-SERE we believe that everyone should be equipped to deal with adversity. We never know when trouble will strike or to what degree we will be incapacitated; to what degree our equipment will fail us and just how much we can rely on others to come to our assistance.

Survivability is not and should not be seen as elitist or purely the domain of the young, the fit or the most adventurous among us.

History has shown us many times how life skills and experiences have stood survivors in good stead whereas some of those expected to do better have withered and died, needlessly! But we should bear in mind that everyone will perform differently in any give situation owing to the stimulus they encounter at the time.

"Everyone has their own Everest to climb" Wanda Rutkiewicz

We Have Years of Expertise Meeting Training Demands

Our Instructors have been fortunate enough to be part of some very specialised units and more importantly heavily involved in the training of those units. Its that level of understanding that gives us the ability to fully deliver the all encompassing HERST (Hostile Environments Resilience & Survivability Training).

We have
modules and courses for the whole spectrum of survivability from Travel Safety and Security for Business Travellers through to Extreme Survival for those adventurers. There is something for everyone and we look forward to welcoming you to our courses.

Hostile Environment Training (HET)

Hostile Environment Training (HET) was born from a need to provide military survivability for private contractors deploying to post conflict areas (such as Iraq in 1991 and since) where any destabilised power vacuum causes friction, owing to the high availability of weapons and ordnance within the population, but also the lack of government and law and order.

Unfortunately the world is becoming more hostile because differences and lack of tolerance in religions and cultures creates prejudice and friction. That friction can destabilise states and cause mass-migration from conflict areas and inevitably the associated social dynamics and dangers that attracts. This immigration can make your own country seem a hostile environment at times through social unrest.

Some of What We Have Provided

This is anti kidnapping and hostage situation awareness training we delivered to some specialist Metropolitan Police departments

"The skills we are weakest in will be those we have to rely on most and at the worst possible time." Conrad Allen - Urban-SERE 2008

We Can Train Anyone!

The training courses we deliver are suitable for all levels of knowledge and fitness.

We do not train in fanciful skills that are gimmicky and irrelevant. We are not intending to turn you into Sir Ranulph Fiennes or Jason Bourne. We do however, intend to give you the skills to be a safer and more aware YOU!

"Well done is better than well said." Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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Our handbooks and training materials are of the very highest standard and contain a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Available to download from our Shop.

We are currently working on some awesome projects and hope to be able to tell you more soon, so please go to the home page and register to be kept up to date with these developments.

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