Gap Year Travel and Safety Awareness

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Preparing Everyone but Especially Students and Retiring Baby Boomers for Overseas Travel Giving Awareness of the Dangers

Attending this course as either a potential student or a parent of a potential ‘Gap Year’ traveller will do plenty to alleviate the worry by highlighting the possible outcomes but more importantly, giving management and coping strategies.

With the accessibility of extreme adventure tourism there is a very real chance for inexperienced Gap Year
students in real trouble.
Attending this course will bring a realisation that there are real risks but also that these can be mitigated well with the right procedures in place. Parents will have a better peace of mind and students will gain a better understanding of their vulnerabilities and ay to address them.

Course Content

  • What Planning Considerations Should You Employ?
  • How May Parents Assist in Safety?
  • What Precautions are Critical to Your Safety?
  • How to have Good Times without the Pitfalls
  • Possible Ramifications of Individual Actions
  • Reach Back and how to get the Help from Overseas that is easy While you’re Still at Home
  • Avoiding closer Scrutiny from Law Enforcement and those in Positions of Power
  • Simple Rules to Avoid Unnecessary/Unwarranted Attention
  • Dealing with Arrest
  • What NOT to do if Arrested Abroad
  • What Actions Should you take if Involved in an Incident
  • Social Interaction
  • Social Compliance
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Driving Conventions (International)
  • Driving Awareness
  • Driving Assessment (can be offered, ask for details)
  • Psychological Aspects of Fight, Flight, Freeze & Denial
  • Breaking hostile contact - Creating Space
  • What Constitutes Cover from View?
  • Cover from Fire
  • Creating or Finding Safety - Safe Place

Peace of Mind

Designed to give families peace of mind in tackling holidays. How to look after your family on holiday away from home either same country or abroad.

The best insurance policy you can take out is that of self reliance and self assuredness to prevent anything from happening in the first place.

Fathers taking duty of care seriously and wanting to defend their family and keep them safe. This weekend course teaches sensible security and protection techniques to ensure that family, friends and loved ones are taken care of.

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Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

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