SERE Course (Urban)

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Urban-SERE Phoenix

Proper Escape and Evasion Training SERE

Civilianised SERE course equating to the NATO Standard of Level B. Aimed for those wanting to test themselves or who are traveling to environments where there may be contested law and order or recent post conflict activity and social unrest. No matter how remote the possibility exists to have to take appropriate action, being unprepared will be debilitating and significantly reduce your chances to come through the experience unscathed. The psychological trauma of not being trained can have a lasting effect.

NGO and Press suitability for this course is high and will demonstrate a meeting of duty of care for those travelling to environments where self recovery may well be required. Further advice and information regarding HASAW '74 and applicability can be found

Course Content

  • Evasion Planning
  • Concentric Rings of Confinement (Rings 4-5)
  • Contingency plans for ‘What if’ situations
  • How to evade a hostile enemy
  • Disguise and Deception (Camouflage and Concealment)
  • Search Patterns and Techniques (Avoidance)
  • How Search Dogs are Used
  • Ways to defeat search dogs
  • How to navigate effectively
  • Use of sketch maps and improvised navigation techniques
  • Cross country movement during the day and at night
  • Making contact with local populous to assist in your evasion/extraction
  • Minefield awareness
  • How prevalent are mines throughout the world
  • Identifying Minefield and the indications they are present
  • Actions to taken encountering Mines
  • Mine field self extraction Drills
  • Simple medical planning and actions to patch yourself up to enable your extraction
  • Communicating intent
  • Camouflage and concealment
  • Tactical use of the ground to ensure evasion is effective
  • Maintaining Direction by Hand-railing
  • Laying up positions
  • Situation awareness training
  • Understand small arms characteristics and capabilities
  • Realistic Confirmation exercises involving evasion exercises

Personal Fitness Requirements

You will need to be fit and healthy to undertake this course. Expect to be covering 10-15km across country in all weathers. You should be able to run at least half a mile and still be able to stand and not collapse through the exertion. Expect to get wet and at times feel cold and you must be able to manage yourself.

This training is covered by a very robust health and safety risk assessment. Despite you feeling at times very isolated and ‘at risk’ you will be monitored and appropriate safety measures will be employed to ensure your safety.

Rural Training Area

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Evasion Area

(This civilianised course does NOT include any Resistance to Interrogation (RtoI) training which without the appropriate Psychological assessments and suitable support can prove very damaging to mental health and we advise that any companies purporting to deliver such training should be avoided and cannot justify assaulting clients. Urban SERE staff having undergone military RtoI training for real can testify that there is nothing pleasant about that type of training)

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Urban Evasion Course (Rural)
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Urban Evasion Course (Rural)

Evasion Course (Rural)