SERE Course (Urban)

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Urban-SERE Phoenix

Urban Evasion

Teaching you how to protect yourself in towns and cities and if necessary take the appropriate actions to escape the city and get away to safety.

Urban SERE Course (Urban) (E&E) - Non-Permissive Environment

Around the world the towns and cities are growing with a predicted 75% of populations living in these metropolises by 2025. This increases the dangers we find within cities as criminal elements seek to control the situation and social dynamics. Urban populations are focussed on their daily lives with scant regard to those around them meaning in turn that despite the large population one is easily isolated. If we add the complexity of being abroad and social unrest, which recent history has shown to happen very quickly, we can find ourselves needing to evade and extract for these areas. Can we rely on the local population or even police forces? Certainly in some parts of the world the only person to trust is yourself and what we can teach you.

These situations are easily exploited by gangs and criminals during social unrest and although we are familiar with this environment, social conformity and lack of awareness causes this environment to become more dangerous.

Course Content

  • Evasion Planning
  • Concentric rings of confinement (Rings 3-5)
  • Contingency plans for ‘What if’ situations
  • How to evade a hostile enemy
  • How to navigate effectively in Urban Areas
  • Use of sketch maps and improvised navigation techniques
  • Ganglands
  • Gang graffiti labelling areas
  • Making contact with local populous to assist in your evasion/extraction
  • IED awareness and actions to take
  • Simple medical planning and actions to patch yourself up to enable your extraction
  • Communicating intent
  • Disguise and deception
  • Tactical use of the ground to ensure evasion is effective
  • Social dynamics and uses
  • Hiding out in the open
  • Situation awareness training
  • Understand small arms characteristics and capabilities
  • Breaking contact and evading the follow-up
  • Realistic Confirmation exercises involving evasion exercises

Developed Techniques

Many of the techniques developed for this course were incorporated into the Metropolitan Police’s HET Course for their Close Protection Officers travelling the world in Protection roles with V-VIP and Government Ministers.

Owing to the nature of this course there is a minimum number of attendees required to make it work. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

This is covered by a very robust health and safety risk assessment. Despite you feeling at times very ‘at risk’ you will be monitored and appropriate safety measures will be employed.

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Urban Evasion Course (Urban)

Urban Evasion Course (Urban)

Escape & Evasion Course (Urban)

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(This civilianised course does NOT include any Resistance to Interrogation (RtoI) training which without the appropriate Psychological assessments and suitable support can prove very damaging to mental health and we advise that any companies purporting to deliver such training should be avoided and cannot justify assaulting clients. Urban SERE staff having undergone military RtoI training for real can testify that there is nothing pleasant about that type of training)