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Training targeting your needs and keeping your outdoors safety and survival at the forefront of our aims. If you are looking to tailor a course to your specific needs, or perhaps have an idea but need help to make it work, then get in touch with.

We Can Tailor Training

If you have a project or an expedition you wish to embark and on need training to assist you we can facilitate that. We can amalgamate any of our already structured courses and even right a specific course to meet your aims and all covered by a robust H&S risk assessment so we don't waste your time or money on fanciful training that is either irrelevant or superfluous to your needs.

"We know that your money is hard earned and should not be wasted on needless training for any adventure. That's why we Risk assess your adventure and train you in what you NEED to know… Keeping costs down". Conrad Allen

We Don't Waste Your Time or Money!

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"We called upon Urban-SERE and Conrad to deliver a bespoke course in Transylvania where we intend to go in future and enjoy the wilderness. Wolves and bears are among the risks but Conrad was able to not only sensibly risk assess and run this course but impart to each of us just how lucky we are to have this environment to explore.

If you have any specialist requirements you can do a lot worse than seeking advice from Conrad first.