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Some of our Customers and Partners.

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UK Ministry of Defence

Since leaving the Royal Air Force in Oct 2008 Conrad Allen, through his company Urban-SERE Ltd, has been contracted several times to deliver specialised Urban Evasion training to several covert and specialist units of the UK's Armed forces. Non disclosure agreements with the MOD prevents us specifying those units titles and we would not wish to disclose specialist units titles or possible tactics accordingly. Urban-SERE has been proud to assist, where called upon, the MOD and all departments within its realm. To date, we have helped service the needs of several key stakeholder departments with a need of our specialist skills.

This subject [urban evasion] is considerably more difficult than merely taking rural skills and using them in the cities… The technique taught here will be invaluable if it all goes wrong! [Name Withheld for Security] MoD Main Building
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Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)

Shortly after forming Urban-SERE Ltd we were able to deliver a presentation to the Anti-extortion and Kidnap Unit of the SOCA. The frank discussion and free flow of ideas and suggestions benefitted both parties and gave a better understanding of possible escape ideology to the members of the SOCA team. It also provided a welcome update to criminal methodology and trends that were not common knowledge at the time and that were complimentary to previous research.

SOCA has since been transformed into the National Crime Agency (NCA)

"A very interesting presentation that gives us plenty to think about…" Name withheld for Security
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Metropolitan Police

As the Leading authority in Urban Evasion and Urban SERE technique Urban-SERE was asked by the Specialist Protection Command to contribute extensively to their Hostile Environments Course. Students from the Specialist Protection SO1 and Royalty Protection SO14 as well as Counter Terrorist Command SO15 and a few other classified elements of the Metripolitan Police were all students on courses delivered by Urban-SERE.

"This is directly relevant to our role and not necessarily only in foreign countries. We cannot get enough of this type of training and I feel privileged to have received some of it…" Colin [Name witheld] (Specialist Protection Command)
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Defence IQ

Joint Personnel Recovery (JPR) is a military term for Search and Rescue (SAR) in contested areas such as behind enemy lines etc but also includes peacetime SAR. For 7 years Conrad Allen from Urban SERE was the chairman of the very successful JPR Conferences held in London where the key stakeholders from around the world and most notably the USAF and the US's Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) were always in attendance.

Urban SERE ran detailed workshops at each of these events where his insight and thought provoking presentations gave the those attending a new insight into the Urban Battlespace and how difficult recovery and evasion is in the environment. The head of Training for JPRA was always taking notes and impressed with Urban-SERE's creativity.

He was approached by several of NATO's Special Forces to contribute to doctrine as well as contributing to a NATO document regarding his specialism and developments within this arena.

"…‘Escape from the city’ was a thought provoking scenario led workshop covering how to locate and recover isolated personnel in a hostile urban environment including a real-time intensive JPR table top exercise…" Padraic McCluskey - Director – Joint Personnel Recovery 2014
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Terranova International Public Safety Canada (TIPS-CANADA)

Conrad Allen, Director of Urban-SERE Training for Tips-Canada, from Urban-SERE Ltd has been instrumental in setting up the extreme survival and remote aspects of our remote medical courses that we run with Terranova International Public Safety Canada (Tips-Canada) a national training partner of the Canadian Red Cross. TIPS-CANADA is working hard to develop the highest possible standards in training and in operating procedures, giving Canadian's and people globally, the best possible training for their money.  Our programs are affordable, legislatively correct and have been designed to give you the reader all the training needed under each topic being taught.

"Conrad has great innovative solutions to training challenges…" James Castle AECI EMR FAI CEO & President
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MICAS Training Ltd

MICAS Training Ltd delivers a wide range of professional training and exercise programmes across multiple sectors including security, business continuity, counter terrorism, crisis management, command and control, safety & risk management, protective security, health and fire safety. We aim to equip staff and organisations with the knowledge and skills to successfully address challenges and incidents.
We work with Crisis Cast Ltd to provide immersive reality based training which enables participants to be fully submerged in a crisis situation.

"We have worked with Conrad for several years and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has delivered a variety of health and safety training courses for us and has always made the courses interesting, informative and fun for the delegates". Carol Morey - Director Midas Training Ltd
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Scotland's Rural College

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) has used the services of Conrad Allen to deliver a number of survival type courses, both set in the rural and urban environment, as a part fulfilment for students studying on some of its degree courses.  The courses varied in duration from a weekend to a full five day course.  The rural based courses appealed to students on the Outdoor Pursuits Management degree as well as students studying for the Activity Tourism Management degree.  The urban based course was of particular benefit to those students whose career choice would find them working primarily within an urban setting, namely those students on the Sport Coaching & Development degree.  In all cases the content of the course was bespoke and designed to meet the specific needs of both the students and the module content.

"That SRUC repeatedly used the services of Conrad Allen, over a number of years, should be seen as a reflection of his professionalism and the high regards that academic staff had for his knowledge and expertise within this field". Dave Grant MSc, PGCE, MA, BA(hons), FHEA - Lecturer
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ALT Technologies

Urban SERE was called upon to deliver a Business Travellers' Safety and Security Awareness Course for ALT Technologies who's workforce travel extensively around the world. Safety and security are paramount to the company as well as the possibilities of industrial espionage. As a result of this training all of the traveller's have amended their practices, safeguarding information and there own personal security.

"This course was just what we needed to open our eyes to the risks we were exposed to without knowing… and only with hindsight and the course material are we aware of some of the close calls we have had previously…" Jean-Luc Verstraeten CEO
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International Police Training And Consulting Services (IPTACS)

Urban SERE was the lead associate of IPTACS delivering its Hostile Environment (HET) Training for IPTACS foreign Police Forces and those advisors visiting both post conflict and disaster relief areas to assist in setting up and monitoring Police Forces and policing duties.

"…Individuals like yourself have made such a significant commitment to support the mission and goals…" Joseph Hauer President & CEO