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#Castaway 2015 - Taransay

When Simon Bar from Tweed media got in touch little did we think it would turn out to be the amazing opportunity it was…

Taransay is an extremely remote Island off the west Coast of Harris which in turn is off the West coast of Scotland. Simon's idea was simple, to take a group of unsuspecting journalists to the Island of Taransay and make them fend for themselves.

Simon is no stranger to the outdoors and in fact owns the extremely successful 'PR to the outdoors Company' that is Tweed Media. As a shooter himself and advocate of the great outdoors, he felt it was important that the journalists were taken away from the comfort of Borve Lodge for more than a day trip. We were still to spend the first and last nights of the week at the five star lodge and the comfort it offered, but in the interim we would get back to what hunting i sell about - 'Putting food on the table'.

The sponsors provided Leica Optics (sights and binocular) mounted on Sauer Rifles with Ammunition provided from Hornady. Clothing was provided by Ridgeline and their own Nigel Winkle would be in attendance throughout.

You can watch the story unfold at the following You Tube Links.

#Castaway Story Part One

#Castaway Story Part Two

#Castaway Story Part Three

"…As they go back to their everyday lives they will never see the outdoor or its inhabitants the same way again…" Simon Barr - Tweed Media

#Tested to The Edge - Swedish Lapland 2016

As a result of the success of #Castaway 2015, Simon Bar again contacted us and this time the remit was to make it even tougher. And so was born the beginnings of #TestedToTheEdge. The aim was simple. Take a group of journalists, possibly a little more aware of what may lie ahead as a result of #Castaway 2015 and take them into the wilds of Swedish lapland well inside the Arctic Circle and make them hunt to survival.

Leica again provided optics, Binoculars and sights mounted this time on Mauser rifles. Hornady provided the ammunition in the appropriate calibers and the clothing was provided by Swazi from NZ.

All the journalists knew was to meet at Stockholm airport with good boots and a toothbrush. Onward flight were booked for them but they had no idea of the final destination or just how extreme it would be.

Day one - 15km walk through the Lapland forest trying to take on Capercaile birds if opportunities arose. Camp needed to be established and shelters made with sufficient firewood collected to tough out the night. No bevy nags and no sleeping bags just the clothes they stood in. As the temperature plummeted to minus 8 Celsius the Swazi clothing was certainly tested to the Edge.

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#Castaway Experiences

As a result of the success of both #Castaway and #testedtotheedge events of Simon Bar, we are proud to announce that these highly specialist events are now able to be brought to the general public as Castawayexperinece. All the luxury accommodation to begin and end the event with the back to basics and fending for yourself in the middle. This is truly an experience that will be recalled and dined out on for years for those willing to answer the challenge.

Now go forth and make your websites great! Joe Workman