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Urban-SERE Phoenix

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Registration Form Restricted Access Area (Requires Approval)

Restricted Access SECRET Area Registration Form (Requires Payment)

This Restricted Access Area is currently under development and will shortly be fully functional. Registration here will be free but access will be vetted.

The benefits of registering here include:

  • Access to free information and downloads

  • Access to more clandestine and sensitive equipment

  • Access to techniques and procedures

Your details will be held securely and we will NEVER share or divulge your interest or details.

We intend to stock this area with selective equipment, techniques and procedures which will benefit you best by not being made public.

We are constantly intrigued by the amount of mis-information circulated on Youtube and Facebook about SERE and Escape techniques, which ultimately just goes to ensure that those restraints are those LEAST likely to be utilised by those wishing to hold you captive.