Escape Training & Methodology

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Escape Training & Methodology

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ESCAPE from Restraints and Rings of Confinement

Affect an Escape from Hostage & Kidnap Situations

This course covers the issues of escape from unlawful detention, being held captive by criminals or gangs.

Should the unthinkable happen and you are taken captive, would you know how to react and what to do? What are the danger times and the danger signals?

Would you know what information you should be gathering and looking to exploit? Suppose you could manage to escape, what about those with you? Too old to follow? Does that weigh heavy on your mind? Could they suffer as a result?

Once you have been captured, taken and restrained. What then? Is it over for you? Do you sit and feel sorry for yourself?

What can we learn from history and those who have been held captive before, prisoners of war or hostages?

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Situation Awareness

We teach you the skills of situational awareness allowing you to collect the details you need to know before you even consider attempting to escape; there is no point in making the situation worse by bungling or half-hearted escape attempts. You should be able to assess the situation appropriately and choose the best course of action.

Is this simply an express kidnapping that's been bungled or are you really at risk of imminent execution? You could just sit still and be the victim, or, when the situation develops you could exploit it. Maybe even orchestrate the situation to ensure you can take full advantage.

Peter Moore Will be Delivering a Presentation at This Course Telling his Hostage Story

Peter Moore Hostage
"Peter's story is both harrowing and inspiring in equal doses… I wholeheartedly recommend hearing it… It will alter your perception of your own security, Guaranteed" Conrad Allen

"This is a presentation about the circumstances in which Peter Moore, an IT worker, found himself being held hostage in Iraq for over two and half years. He was the only survivor of a group of five Britons abducted from the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad on the 29 May 2007. Peter’s presentation explains the build up to his working in Iraq; the day of the abduction, including the benefit of hindsight; his time as a hostage and reflections on the whole experience.”

Training Delivery

In order to deliver the best course possible we only conduct this course in small groups and places are at a premium. At Urban-SERE we are well practiced in teaching this skills based subject and know that we learn in different ways. We ensure that everyone assimilates the information, before consolidating that knowledge with testing exercises.

This course will require you to provide identification such as your passport details and undergo an in-house vetting owing to the nature of the information provided.

Locksmith techniques are dealt with in depth and the legal aspects of what is covered is explained in detail.

Course Content

This course covers the following topics:
Confinement - Concentric rings of confinement (Rings 1 and 2)
Information Gathering - The intelligence picture using your senses to improve your situational awareness
Restraints - Different types of Restraints (Ring 1)
Physical restraints such as handcuff types
Psychological restraints and pressures on the mind
Tools - What to Carry
Improvised escape equipment
Restraint Methodology - Escape techniques and methodology for various situations and restraint types
Escape from tape
Escape from being tied up
Escape from Plasticuffs and Ty-Raps
Escape from Padlock n chain including combination locks
Escape from handcuffs
Confinement Escape - Exploiting Lock weaknesses to affect escape (Ring 2)
Lock Identification
Lock Manipulation/Bypassing/Destruction
Lock picking basics
Practical Exercises - Exercises and physical practical escape testing under stress and difficult situations
What, how and when to act
Use of Force - Force and implications, legal and morale, of its application
Hand to hand combat - Simple techniques to create space

Basis of Our Training

Experience driven training using real world examples will highlight the 'Hollywood' trap of suspended disbelief.

We will discuss Improvised weaponry and how we may be able to weaponise normal day-to-day items

All of these techniques will not only aid you in escaping should you become a captive but it has wider implications in improving your own home security as you become aware of the weaknesses in your own defences.

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Escape Methodology & Training Course

Escape Methodology & Training Course

Escape Training Course


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