Security Managers' Workshop

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Urban-SERE Phoenix

Security Managers' Workshop (HECPO CP) Professional Development

Can be used as top-up training, confirmation, revision or Continual Professional Development, Re-qualification; helping you discharge your duty of care and avoiding the H&S implications in relation to security.

Based in extremely successful
workshops delivered at IQPC conferences attended by work and leading authorities in Personnel Recovery and SERE & Rescue

NGO, Press and security managers with responsibility for team member traveling abroad are under scrutiny and without the correct training are inviting prosecution in the event of something going wrong. It is surprising how many people are unable to effectively write a Risk Assessment.

Scenario based workshops deliver outcomes and challenge decision-making with meaningful useful outcomes.

No matter how well trained your personnel are to deal with the isolating incidents we casually refer to as ‘survival situations’ the really important work takes place at home. If there has been an ISOPREP or equivalent lodged with security managers then what actions must they take. How can they contribute to assisting the recover of their personnel. During the
Arab spring the internet and cell phones in Libya were actively jammed. If there wasn’t a plan already in place to recover personnel then there was certainly n no way to initiate or communicate it. Some had airline tickets bought, in their hand sand were even at the airport. However, with no way to get through the crowds they watch in horror as their aircraft departed without them!

Course Content

  • What planning do you need before, during and after isolating incidents.
  • Do you just defer to the over taxed and ill equipped UK police to try to help?
  • Are you able to contribute to the recovery of loved ones and employees?
  • What should you briefing you people before they travel
  • How do you honour your duty of care
  • Corporate manslaughter and H&S legislation regarding this issue does matter

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"When Conrad told me about the Evasion and Escape table-top exercise I was more than sceptical. When I finished the Urban-SERE Table Top Exercise I found myself positively surprised. It really works, producing pressure and emotions, providing me with an understanding of the situation, possible scenarios and importantly about yourself." Polish NGO Security Manager (Name Witheld)