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Proper Navigation Training

The lost art of Navigation is more than just Map Reading and a key skill that pays dividends in the wilds or even during traffic delays, roadworks and diversions.

Relying solely on GPS Technology means you never actually know where you are and if the unthinkable - it fails, dies or breaks - you are then lost!

Can you confidently navigate with a map and compass, during day or night and in all weather? Would you be able to interpret the shape of the ground from the contours and map symbols?

If you were dropped somewhere and given a map and compass could you identify your location? Could you use the map and a compass to navigate to another location, without using roads, tracks or footpaths? And if so, how accurate would you be? Cold you assess how long it will take yo auto cover the ground and exactly what you shold be able to see in the distance?

ANY of your answers were ‘No’ then this is the course for you. An intensive course covering navigation in all its forms and guaranteed to improve your skills.

In order to deliver the best course possible we conduct this course in phases using all the senses and best learning practices. At Urban-SERE we are all skilled in teaching and that’s why we know that we all learn in different ways. We ensure that everyone assimilates the information, before consolidating that knowledge and then testing that knowledge.

When you travel and rely on GPS or other tech for navigation you run the risk of becoming isolated as a result of tech failure, tech damage or denial of service. Simple battery life on devices can reduce what you think is a few hours of use to mere minutes, in the cold. Our Mountain Rescue and Search credentials in all weathers are testament to our skills.

Course Content

  • Reading Maps
  • Types of mapping
  • GPS explained
  • Lat and long
  • Navigation with paper maps
  • Navigation from sketch map
  • Improvised navigation techniques
  • Data Roaming
  • Paper maps
  • Sketch maps
  • Town maps
  • Mapping
  • What is a map?
  • Types of mapping available
  • Map reading basics
  • Features displayed
  • Key symbols and margin information
  • Use of contours to show relief of land
  • Map care
  • Bring mapping up to date
  • Orienting & Setting the map
  • Attack points
  • Aiming off
  • Route Cards
  • What are Route cards and how do they work?
  • Writing and filing route cards
  • Leaving route cards
  • Grid Systems
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Universal Transverse Mercator - What is it and how will it help you.
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Scale and it's interpretation
  • Metric and Imperial systems
  • Compasses
  • Types and effective use of a compasses
  • Degrees and Mils
  • Determining location
  • Bearings, Back Bearings and Walking on bearings
  • Re-section basic and advanced
  • Aspect of the slope
  • Intervisibility
  • Contours
  • Reading of contours
  • Use of contours
  • Route selection and Cross Graining
  • GPS
  • How to use GPS correctly
  • The pitfalls of GPS and choosing a GPS to buy
  • GPS accuracy and the myths
  • Sketch Maps
  • Drawing and using sketch maps
  • Using natural signposts for navigation
  • Micro navigation

Lessons Learned

We cover all of this throughout the course and guarantee that you will be able to read a map and successfully navigate by the time you go home. We have many years of expertise in navigating in all environments, in all weathers and with all techniques as well as teaching this subject. Those who have come to use previously are content to blame themselves for being ‘too stupid’ but we say, “There are no stupid students, just poor teachers…”

Our Training Ethos

Unlike many other companies offering navigation training at several standards, resulting in the need to attend multiple courses with their associated costs, we only offer the one 'Complete' course that will incorporate everything, reducing your costs and time. There are NO hidden extra fees for night navigation training or such like. We provide you the mapping too so apart from what you need to wear, a compass and what you choose to carry for the day, we have it all covered. We want to teach you everything we can and for you to feel comfortable in navigating, under any conditions and using your new found skills. Our courses are strictly limited to six students to one instructor and we move at a sensible pace ensuring that everyone masters each training objective.

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"Having been shown these techniques and tried them for myself, navigation suddenly makes sense…" Joe

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Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase

Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase

Navigation Course Cannock Chase