Mountain Safety & Survival

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Every Year People Perish on the Mountains of the UK

Drawing on RAF Mountain Rescue Service knowledge and experience, this course is for those who set foot in the national parks and head out in all weathers to the mountains. People take risks unaware of the potential outcomes and are victim to their inexperience and lack of planning.

This Training Keeps You Safe

Having the forethought to plan properly makes a big difference to how you tackle the great outdoors. Far too many times there have been Mountain Rescue callouts to people in difficulties because they have failed to look at weather reports, carry the right kit, over estimate their own fitness or have a pig headed approach that this is the only weekend they will have to go walking so 'nothing' is going to stop them.

This course teaches you the warning signs to look for and when to apply the handbrake. It is far better that you make the right choices and avoid getting in to trouble than taking the right actions when you are in trouble. The mountains will always be there to visit again but if you take the wrong approach to the great outdoors you may not be around to enjoy it.

Course Content

  • The Basics of Survival
  • The pre event training, preparation and planning
  • Protection from the situation deteriorating further
  • Psychology of Survival and what goes through the mind
  • Survival Equipment that is available
  • What you should avoid buying
  • Protection on steep ground
  • Use of ropes and belays
  • Emergency descents - going for help!
  • What are the survival gimmicks and what are the real tools
  • Immediate life saving needs
  • Protection from the elements
  • Getting yourself rescued
  • Search & Rescue techniques that may be employed to help you
  • Safely finding water and what you need to know
  • Food the myths and the importance
  • Myth busting common misunderstandings

Extreme survival situations can happen in the UK and at all times of the year. Just read the paper and watch the news and you will not struggle to find examples. We will dispel myths and give tangible skills that you will call upon for years to come. You don’t know what you don't know, until it is needed!

Equipment Requirements

You do Not need to spend a fortune on equipment to attend this course. You probably have 95% of the equipment needed already. We will do everything we can, and offer every advice to help you keep your costs to the minimum.

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  • Peak District

    Situated in the heart of the country the Peak District offers great opportunities to be in the wilds without too rugged landscape. Ideal for those less adventurous but still wanting the experience.

  • Snowdonia

    The very rugged North Welsh mountainous area with mountains of 3000' and steep slopes. A good level of fitness is definitely required for this environment.

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Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire