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Teaching Ordinary People Exceptional Survival Skills. Making People Safer in the Wilderness

Survival in a Permissive Environment

This course develops the basics of survival training and differentiates between Bushcraft and Survival in simple terms. The course is based on the personal experience and deep understanding that Urban SERE has in the world of Survival, Search and Rescue. This course will focus on realistic skills that will serve you well in bad situations.

We will dispel myths and give tangible skills that you will call upon for years to come. You don’t know what you don't know, until it’s needed!

Aimed at those with little or no prior knowledge this course will examine survival situations and focus on what to carry and how to use it, (Not that there is much you actually need to carry). If your survival kit is poor or you don't have it with you then you are no better off… Where as, having the skills and ability to improvise will ensure that you are always well equipped. We will equip you with skills and knowledge that cannot be taken off you, left behind and that will be easily remembered.

Using real teaching techniques our professional instructors tailor the delivery to your learning styles.

Course Content

  • The Basics of Survival
  • The pre event training, preparation and planning
  • Protection from the situation deteriorating further
  • Psychology of Survival and what goes through the mind
  • Survival Equipment that is available
  • What you should avoid buying
  • What are the survival gimmicks and what are the real tools
  • The law surrounding what you carry (Knives & Axes)
  • Immediate life saving needs
  • Protection from the elements
  • Getting yourself rescued
  • Search & Rescue techniques that may be employed to help you
  • Finding water and what you need to know
  • Food the myths and the importance
  • Myth busting common misunderstandings

Realistic Skill-sets

In order to deliver the best course for you possible we conduct this course in phases using all the senses and best learning practices. At Urban-SERE we are all skilled in teaching and that’s why we know that we all learn in different ways. We touch on all the recognised learning styles and ensure that everyone assimilates the information, before consolidating that knowledge with testing.

We don't give false hope or tell you fanciful ‘ideas’ that will not do you well in bad situations. We enjoy the myth busting that we demonstrate and research. Lots of what you read in books and have seen on TV has now been superseded by research based and experience led developments.

Extreme survival situations can happen in the UK and at all times of the year. Just read the paper and watch the news and you will not struggle to find examples. We will dispel myths and give tangible skills that you will call upon for years to come. You don’t know what you don't know, until it is needed!

Equipment Requirements

You do Not need to spend a fortune on equipment to attend this course. You probably have 95% of the equipment needed already. We will do everything we can, and offer every advice to help you keep your costs to the minimum.

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Wilderness Survival Course

Wilderness Survival Course

5-days Wilderness Survival Training


Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook

Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook

Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook


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